How To Keep Your Data Safe Online

How To Keep Safe Online

In this modern era, we are losing the battle for online privacy. So how to keep safe online? Some would say that privacy, in general, is under attack. The counterpoint, as always, is that nobody is “forcing” us to use the technologies through which our information is so often exposed. Now the question is How To Keep Your Data Safe Online? There are some ways to increase your online privacy and achieve some peace-of-min

1. Change your passwords Frequently

The thing about passwords is, while brute-force attacks are still sometimes used to crack them, bad guys usually just copy them from some data they stole elsewhere. So you should change your password frequently.

2. Log out or lock your computer

Many people don’t realize that when you leave your computer running unattended, hackers can break in and take advantage of your access. Hackers might attempt to access your machine remotely, but it’s important to know that attacks do happen in the workplace when someone gains physical access to a machine. So make sure you lock your computer or log out when you’re not working.

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3. Avoid sites that aren’t https

That “https” you see in the URL for sites you visit stands for “hypertext transfer protocol with secure socket layer.” Sites that don’t have the “s” on the end are  you guessed it  not secure. You should take note of this, because data sent to these sites is very vulnerable.

4. Install better security solution

Microsoft wants you to believe Windows Defender is all you need, but there are still threats out there that benefit from the cloud-driven databases security companies offer. Install a solution that offers firewall and network monitoring features, such as ESET Internet Security or Trend Micro Antivirus+Security, to maximize your data security.

5. Stay off public networks

Internet connections available at your local coffee shop or airport are public and that means criminals can access them and intercept your communications. If you must use a public network, make sure you have a high-quality firewall installed and minimize your time online. Avoid making sensitive communications such as banking transactions.

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